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exudus - rem koolhaas49 Cities
Las ciudades siempre han sido construidas desde las utopias y sus ideologias. Las formas y los vinculos no solo se desenvuelven de manera material sino de manera conceptual. La exposicion del colectivo WORK AC en Storefront – new york – ubica en terminos de paisajes de datos,  la construccion de 49 ciudades construidas desde los imaginarios urbanos y arquitectonicos que han donfigurado materialmente un re-pensar la ciudad y el mensaje arquitectonico. No solo depositado en un cambio esteta sino politico social.

Work AC: 49 Cities
Apr 14 2009 – May 23 2009
above: Site plan for Exodus. London, 1972 (Rem Koolhaas)

What was the proposed population of Superstudio’s Continuous Monument? What would the density of Rem Koolhaas’ Exodus plan for London have
been had it ever been realized? How would they compare in scale to Kenzo Tange’s Tokyo Bay project, or to Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse? Which
of the two would have contained more green areas? 49 Cities sets out to crunch the numbers of several centuries of unrealized urbanism, all
the way from the Roman city to the great utopian projects of the 20th century. Through plans, sections, diagrams, charts and scale drawings,
49 cities are observed statistically and presented in an unprecedented comparative study, the result of a research project conducted over
several years. Despite the fact that they never actually existed, this history of utopian urbanism provides a remarkable insight into our
understanding of the contemporary metropolis.

“Throughout history, architects and planners have dreamed of ‘better’ and different cities – more controllable, more defensible, more efficient,
more monumental, more organic, taller, denser, sparser or greener. With every plan, radical visions were proposed, ones that embodied not only the
desires but also, and more often, the fears and anxieties of their time.

Amale Andraos, Dan Wood

portada del catalogo 49 CIUDADES

Jose Llano / Arquitecto

Profesor UNAB


~ por cartografiasurbanas09 en 14 mayo 2009.


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